Airlines have passengers... we have members.

Members pay annual dues for everything pertaining to each trip, "one stop shopping". Members can also access Heartland's trips via their smart phones with Heartland's own proprietary phone "app".


Heartland Travel Club  will provide hotels, ground transportation, side tours, and airlift services for trips it offers to the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, the United States, and any destination members wish to go to. As a member-based travel club, Heartland will go to where the members wish to go!


Heartland Travel Club  will also be able to provide smaller airlift needs for smaller private groups seeking a more exclusive travel experience. Heartland can also act as a chartering agent for companies, schools, churches, or special interest groups wishing to book private travel for their own needs.

Please fill out the form below and we'll notify you when memberships are on sale!

Heartland Travel Club is a membership based travel organization that will provide its members public charter flights authorized by the U.S. DOT, or arrange charter flights for them on smaller aircraft.

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